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Whole-House Humidifiers

Whole-House Humidifiers in North Illinois


From hot, humid summers to bone-chilling winters, North Illinois residents are no strangers to the sometimes intense weather of the Prairie State. The climate isn’t just hard on your outdoor summer fun or winter energy bill, however—without a reliable way to maintain your home’s temperature and humidity, your indoor air quality could be suffering all year long.

Thankfully, there’s a solution: a whole house humidifier from Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning. A whole-house humidifier works with your HVAC system to deliver moisture throughout your home. 

Discover more about whole house humidifiers below, or contact our heating and cooling experts today to receive a quote. 


How does a whole-house humidifier work?


With the exception of a steam-based humidifier, all whole-house humidifiers operate under the same basic principles; when your humidifier activates, water accumulates inside an internal tray or evaporator pad. Air then passes over this tray or pad to gather moisture before dispersing into your home’s ductwork. This ensures every area of your home receives the moisture it needs for you and your family to stay comfortable.


Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier


You may be tempted to rely on a single-room humidifier from the store, but reconsider. True to its name, a single-room humidifier will only offer the comfort and humidity you want for one area. Rather than rely on several single-room humidifiers to maintain your home’s air quality, enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a whole-house humidifier from Gleason.

In addition to being more efficient, whole-house humidifiers offer a variety of benefits for the health and comfort of your loved ones. Not sure if a whole-house humidifier is right for you? Give our team a call to learn more.


Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Healthy


Proper moisture is critical for the health of your skin—especially if you often deal with dermatitis, acne, or generally dry skin. When the air in your home is consistently dry and hot (often during the winter), it worsens these conditions. A whole-house humidifier creates the moist air your skin needs to stay healthy throughout the year.


Prevent Severe Flu Symptoms


When you have the flu, dry air is like gasoline on a fire. If the air you breathe is too dry, it irritates the membrane of your lungs and sinuses, causing sore throats, stuffy noses, and uncomfortable breathing—all issues that can make flu symptoms worse and lengthen your recovery. Thankfully, a whole-house humidifier can make the flu season bearable by improving and maintaining your indoor air quality.


Improve Your Sleep


If your respiratory system is inflamed by dry air, that can contribute to several sleeping issues, from chronic dry throats to stuffy, snore-triggering sinuses. Prevent a midnight scramble for a glass of water or a night on the couch to avoid your loved ones’ snores with the 24/7 comfort of a whole-house humidifier. 


Avoid Allergy Flare-Ups


The dryer the air in your home, the easier it is for allergens to irritate your sinuses. To minimize your allergy symptoms, your nasal passages need a constant mucus membrane. Keeping your home completely humidified helps maintain this much-needed mucus, which keeps your sinuses happy and healthy.


Preserve Your Furniture


It’s not just your body that needs moisture to stay healthy. To prevent warping, cracking, and general wear and tear, your wooden furniture, hardwood floor, and any wood in your home require a stable environment. By incorporating a whole-house humidifier into your HVAC system, you can help your home and furniture stay in great condition for years to come.


Types of Whole-House Humidifiers


When it comes to humidity, every home has different needs. Whether you prefer a quieter humidifier for your small home or you’re looking for one capable of humidifying 4,000 square feet, the type of whole-house humidifier you choose matters. 

There are three common types of whole-house humidifiers that North Illinois homeowners can choose from, including:

  • Bypass humidifiers
  • Power humidifiers
  • Steam humidifiers

Learn more about each type of humidifier below, or schedule a consultation with Gleason. We’ll gladly help you decide which whole-house humidifier will work best for your living environment.


Bypass Humidifiers


Bypass humidifiers are the least expensive and most popular central humidifiers. They take warm air from your ducts and pass it over a water tray, which allows the air to collect moisture before it circulates through your home. 

This system is smaller and quieter than power (fan) humidifiers and can be installed on closet or basement units. It does not require a separate power source, as it relies on your furnace’s blower motor to operate.


Power (Fan) Humidifiers


Power humidifiers (also referred to as fan humidifiers) use an internal fan to pull air across their internal water panels. This allows them to operate independently of your furnace. They produce humidity more effectively than a bypass unit—typically around a gallon more of vaporized water a day. 

The downsides to power humidifiers, however, is that they are bulkier than bypass humidifiers, which makes them difficult to install in tight spaces. Additionally, their fans produce more noise.


Steam Humidifiers


If you have a larger home in Grayslake, Cary, or any other Lake County community, a steam humidifier is your best bet. Steam humidifiers use electricity to boil water and release it as steam, which your ventilation system then distributes throughout your home. While they’re pricier than bypass humidifiers, they’re the most efficient type of central humidifier, especially for large homes. 


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