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Professional Commercial AC Service And Repair

Commercial AC systems are quite different from those found in homes. Not only are they bigger but they are also far more complicated with more moving parts. Like residential AC units, commercial air conditioners also need regular cleaning and maintenance. Due to the size and complexity of commercial systems, however, an experienced technician is required to maintain them.

Professional Commercial AC ServiceMany times, due to the nature of a business, commercial buildings absolutely must maintain a specific temperature. If the temperature fluctuates, it can cause costly ruin to inventory and affect the company’s bottom line.

Instead of taking that risk, you can rely on Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning to maintain your commercial air conditioner and be available 24/7 if anything goes wrong.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

It is extremely important to keep up with regular maintenance on your commercial cooling system. Filters need to be changed monthly and basic tune-ups are recommended at least twice a year. If your system is older or performs under extreme conditions, more frequent maintenance should be considered.

When doing a commercial AC check, your technician will do a thorough inspection of the entire system. This in-depth, detailed checklist includes but is not limited to:

  • Replacing filters
  • Checking and replacing belts
  • Cleaning condenser and coils
  • Checking refrigerant charge and looking for leaks
  • Clearing drain lines and pans
  • Testing electrical connections
  • Checking fans and blowers
  • Lubricating bearings and other moving parts
  • Testing thermostat and controls
  • Checking air flow

At this time the technician will replace faulty parts, and look for any worn components that will inhibit peak performance. They may also perform an energy check to see if any commercial system upgrades are recommended for your particular business.

Commercial AC Experience and Expertise

Commercial AC Experience and Expertise

When it comes to your commercial AC repairs, Gleason gives you peace of mind. With over 70 years of HVAC experience in the greater Wauconda area, we put all our collective skills and expertise to use. We are one of the most trusted professional commercial HVAC service providers in the area, and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Your business is our business. Trust the Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning professionals to keep your commercial cooling system up and running. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address your commercial AC repairs and maintenance concerns.

We invite you to call Gleason today and schedule an appointment for an HVAC system inspection.

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