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Indoor Air Quality Products

Most of us probably think of outdoor pollution as the real threat to our health, but did you know that the air in your home can have just as much of an impact, if not moreso, on your overall health?

When it comes to indoor air quality, investing in trusted products that readily aid in removing allergens, germs, and other airborne contaminants from your home is crucial to improving your home’s environment. At Gleason, our team of skilled HVAC professionals is always here to provide the kind of indoor air quality solutions our customers need and expect for ideal comfort.


Indoor Air Quality Products

UV Lights

UV lights can be installed directly into a home’s heating or air conditioning system. These UV lights purify the air that is cycled through your HVAC system, killing off mold, bacteria, viruses, and other biological contaminants. This helps prevent their reproduction and spread throughout your home.
UV Lights

Duct Cleaning

Keeping the air ducts in your home clean is extremely important for both maintaining your HVAC system, and improving indoor air quality. Professional duct cleaning removes excess debris which contains germs and contaminants that can build up over time, limiting your system’s efficiency and spreading allergens and bacteria throughout your home, endangering your health.
Duct Cleaning


While most people are not comfortable in overly humid environments,  having too little humidity in your home can affect the air quality. Humidifiers work to carefully balance the level of moisture in the air, and maintain that level in order to maximize the comfort inside your home. Humidity levels that plummet in the winter months are buoyed by carefully measured moisture supplementation.

High-Efficiency Air Filters

A high-efficiency air filter clarifies the air inside your home, which can contain as much as 100 times the number of contaminants as outdoor air. A high-efficiency air filter can keep these contaminants from being circulated throughout your home, protecting yours and your family’s health.
High-Efficiency Air Filters


We already know that humidity can dramatically affect the comfort of your home, and during the summer, it can get out of control. With a dehumidifier you can keep the humidity level in your home at a balanced, comfortable level, no matter what the weather outside is like.

Zoning Systems

Zoning systems allow you to control and balance temperatures throughout your home by diverting air to specified areas. If you are interested in zoning systems and learning more about them, Gleason is here to answer your questions.

Indoor Air Quality Services from Gleason – Your Source for Health Smart Cooling and Heating in Mundelein

If you are interested in improving your home’s indoor air quality, contact Gleason today and let us help you choose the best method and upgrade your HVAC system so you and your family can breathe easier.

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